Ladas & Ladas founded during 1930s by Alexandros Ladas. He graduated from the Law School of Athens and occupied his LL.M. from the University of Cambridge. He was elected several times as a Greek MP and during his tenure, he was recruited by the Greek government to represent Greece in international relation missions. More particularly, he was a member of the greek delegation to the United Nations (UN) in 1960 and the Greek parliamentary delegation to NATO in 1962.

Alexandros Ladas cooperated and established deep relationships with the highest profile international law firms and enterprises in all over the world. In this regard, it is true to be mentioned that Alexandros Ladas was brother of Dr. Stephen P. Ladas, the notorious IP attorney and eminent writer, co-founder and named partner in one of most popular US IP law firm. After the death of Alexandros Ladas in 1969, his wife and partner multilingual speaker Elly Phrydas – Ladas, continued to offer the most reputable legal services in Industrial and Intellectual Property issues.

The New Era

Ever since the year 2010 the valuable  partner Themictocles A. Lestos, has taken over the full management of our offices. Having been grounded on his 35 years of experience in the field of IP law and in many facets of Civil Law, Corporate Law, Commercial Law and Property Law, lead him to introduce a new management structure and policy of our law offices providing full service on the aforementioned legal areas.

He has consulted and assisted over 1.500 clients, handled adequately hundreds of cases and has established numerous precedents before the courts of every instance, from the County Courts to the Supreme Court.