Golden Visa – Invest and Trade

Greece as an integral part of European Union member state welcomes and encourages Golden Visa scheme via investment. This is the essential instrument for third-country investors and their family members to enjoy all and in full the right of free movement, without any restriction, within Schengen Area (EU countries).

Greece is considered the most competitive and attractive EU country offers Golden Visa scheme, which is not only a program which constitutes a national financial asset but is also of social and strategic importance.

Greek Golden Visa can be issued under the condition that somebody has imported a capital of 250,000 Euros (at least) for permanent investment reasons and for, at least, a five years period. The process is fast track (1-2 months) and therefore it is obvious, that the importer of such capital is highly recommended and encouraged to invest on several residential or commercial real estate projects.

Main Advantages of obtaining it:

  1. EU Residency status.
  2. Free Movement within EU Schengen Countries.
  3. Direct extension of the same Visa status to the investor’s families (husband/wife, parents, parents-in-law, children up to 21 years old).
  4. No requirement for a permanent residency, meaning that the investor may opt not to relocate in Greece at all.
  5. Automatic renewal of Golden Visa after five years and for each next five year period provided that the capital importer still owns the property involved.

It is self-understood that the so-acquired property can always and forever be kept by the Golden Visa owner as a perpetual asset.

Process to be followed in five simple steps

We guarantee European residency status or investing permission by obtaining the Golden Visa in five simple steps.

  1. You get in touch with us and we provide you requisite consultancy regarding the type of investment you need to follow.
  2. We assist you on all necessary arrangements need to be done before the Consulate of Greece located in your country.
  3. We assist you on choosing the relevant real estate and/or business, and their locations. We also conduct all necessary researches (i.e. legal titles, market search etc) and we prepare all required documentation for the relevant transaction(s).
  4. We assist you to become the owner of the relevant real estate or business by finalizing and executing official legal documents and proceedings.
  5. We submit relevant application on your behalf before the competent Greek authorities (Ministry of Migration Policy) and we arrange necessary appointments with them (i.e. Biometric Data Collecting ) for the issuance of Golden Visa.

You are now a part of European Community.