Anastasia Patrineli - Lestos


Anastasia is Member of the Athens Bar Association  since 1996. She joined Ladas & Ladas Law offices in 2002 and until then is a valuable member of the legal team. She is a Litigation Lawyer acting before the Supreme Court and Council of State.

Previously she was part of the legal department of  IONIAN AND POPULAR BANK's (1996-2000) and the legal department of Workers' Housing Organisation on Mortgage loan contract matters (O.E.K. 2000-2003).

She is a Member of mentors registry of Commercial Chamber of Athens and Small Enterprises Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals Craftsmen and Merchants (I.M.E. G.S.E.V.E.E.) on I.P. Law matters, extrajudicial Dispute Resolution and European Network for Early Warning and Support to Enterprises and Second Starters.

She speaks Greek, English and French.